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1.  國立臺北科技大學學生學術性競賽成績優良獎助辦法

     Academic Achievement Scholarship in Students

► The purpose is to encourage students’ excellence in worldwide or national competitions.

►  Please submit application forms to your department for first review.

2.  國立臺北科技大學補助及鼓勵設計學院師生參加國際競賽辦法

 Grants and Encouragement for Teachers & Students’ Participation in International Competitions

► Students who is graduating or graduated within 3 years from other universities once won listed  competitions, including grand prize, gold medal (first place), Silver medal (2nd place), or Bronze medal (3rd place) during the college period, could waive a school year tuition fees when they get the admission in master/doctoral program of College of Design.