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Doctoral Program in Design to be established in 2006. This multi-disciplinary program was integrated by the College of Design through the Department of Architecture, Department of Industrial Design, and the Department of Interaction Design. This program takes various fields of design into account and aims to cultivate “creation generators.” Students can specialize in their professional development, namely, product design, furniture design, interior design, architecture and landscape design, community and urban space planning, and digital interaction design, based upon personal interests and research area through diverse courses

  Department of Architecture
  The undergraduate course of the Department focuses on several areas, including green building, digital fabrication, urban planning, history and engineering. The curriculum also dedicates to the integration of theoretical and practical applications and interdisciplinary issues through the internship program and teaching with experts from the domestic architectural industry. It intends to provide a sound and balanced fundamental training that students can be equipped to enter their later architectural career. The Master Program in Architecture and Urban Design was divided into 3 research groups, namely, architecture group, urban group, and engineering group. It emphasizes the integration of real work/operation with design theory.
  Department of Industrial Design
  The undergraduate program of the Department consists of two divisions. The Product Design division focuses on transportation design, 3C product design, daily commodities design, and etc. The Furniture and Interior Design division mainly emphasizes all kinds of furniture, such as children’s furniture, office furniture, casual outdoor furniture. These curricula put equal emphasis on theory and practice. The Master Program of Innovation and Design of the Department aims to prepare our students in the fields of innovation design thinking and practice, interdisciplinary design and development, user experience research, design strategy and leadership as well as creative product/furniture and interior design. By drawing on the richness of course innovation, the Department endeavors to cultivate professionals for the trend of creative industries.
  Department of Interaction Design
  The undergraduate program of the Department incorporates two groups of Media Design and Visual Communication Design. The Media Design group focuses on the interactive media application and interactive entertainment, which could create a scenario of interaction experience. The Visual Communication Design group lays stress on digital content research and development. The curricula intend to combine some interactive devices with digital content application. The Master Program of Interaction Design combines a variety of fields, such as electronic information, mechanical & electrical Engineering, humanities, design and arts, in order to cultivate students’ ability of interdisciplinary learning in “design + program.”