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  Doctoral Program in Design to be established in 2006. This multi-disciplinary program was integrated by the College of Design through the Department of Architecture, Department of Industrial Design, and the Department of Interaction Design. This program takes various fields of design into account and aims to cultivate “creation generators.” Students can specialize in their professional development, namely, product design, furniture design, interior design, architecture and landscape design, community and urban space planning, and digital interaction design, based upon personal interests and research area through diverse courses
  This program  offers men and women an opportunity to enter these professions and contribute to shaping the environment in the future, regard educating the architectural and industry design professionals, and providing doctoral students with academic thinking, exploring, analyzing, assessing, problem solving and theoretical research to environmental design and cultural issues. The students and faculty of this Institute are concerned with the quality of life, especially as it is affected by the beauty, technology, and usefulness of built environment as well as the continuing health and vitality of the natural environment.
  Most professors get their Ph.D. degree at Europe, the United States and Japan separately, and are fluent in international communication and research\ practice cooperation concurrently. Their balanced and pluralistic specialties including Urban planning, Urban design, Urban economy, Green design, Architectural planning, Architectural design, Environmental control, Construction management, Interior design, Furniture design, Industry design, Interactive media design, and so on. Students who are engaged in the environment and culture creative design specialties are from all universities with related fields. Although, students and faculty all have separate contributions to make, they are inextricably dependent on each other, and a common understanding among them is of vital importance. Courses are distributed over a board range which with the horizontal connection and well versed in proving longitudinally respectively. The Ph.D. program and three master's programs can join select the lesson, go overseas and exchange students, so as to study with advanced credit towards the course requirement.